Shelter Is one of the basic human needs along with food, water, and companionship. It is a structure that protects from the elements and gives a place to thrive.

According to the 2017 Homeless Link Report, a total of 4751 people was counted or estimated by local authorities to be sleeping rough in England on any one night in the autumn of 2017, an increase of 15% from 2016. Every indication is that 2018 will show a further increase.

ACTWNS - Homeless in Ashford, Kent
ACTWNS - Homeless in Ashford, Kent

Since the current methodology of measuring rough sleeping in 2010, estimates indicate this is a rise of 2,983 or 169%

Rough Sleepers include all members of society not just drunks or addicts or ex-prisoners as we perhaps like to think. It is uncomfortable to think it could be you or I. Yet the scarcity of social housing, increased private sector rents, more family breakdown, welfare reforms etc. prove otherwise.

Homeless women die on average aged 42 years. For homeless men it is 47, when the national average is 77 years. In 2014 80% of homeless people reported they had mental health issues, with 45% having been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Yet CRISIS found that homeless people were 40 times more likely NOT to be registered with a GP

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